Product Code: SCLH-7 + SCLH-4

Ceiling Halogen Lights – Multi-Reflector

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Cognate Ceiling surgical lights with its advanced optical system and modern construction design is capable of providing the most up-to-date surgical illumination which is very close to natural light and ensure clear visibility of tissues and deeper cavities of the body.

Imported Parabolic Dichroic Glass Reflector:
A unique feature of the Imported Cold Parbolic Dichroic Glass Reflector, which is having tungsten filament coating, because of this coating almost all the visible light is reflected by the glass reflector while more than 80% of heat rays are transferred and dispersed upward behind the Iamphead making the light heat-free above surgeon’s head & shoulder and also on the operating area as well. Also light intensity is very high because of the reflection of visible light and intensity remains same even after a long span of time.

Imported Infrared Absorption Front Flat Glass Filter:
Imported Infrared Absorption Front Flat Glass Filter is provided to absorb infrared rays and corrects colour of light. it also ensures cool light with optimized colour temperature which is very close to natural light.

Imported Diffuser:
Deep view, shadow reduction system. A unique Diffuser is provided to eliminate the shadow. Each Diffuser produces over thousand individual light rays to make a single beam. These individual rays reach at such angles that shadows are kept to minimum without the loss of contour shadows that are so necessary for good depth perception.

Halogen Bulb:
Low Voltage Quartz Halogen Bulb gives longer life, high intensity. Easy and simple bulb replacement. No need to replace the bulbs frequently.

Focussing Capability:
Multi-Bulb system provides true focus capability. This design allow an actual variance in focal length, distance from the lighthead to the spot produced thus producing maximum intensity at any given working distance. High intensity making a significant difference in one’s ability to see in deep cavity situations.

Lamphead is made of Aluminum by spinning having parabolic cun/ature for homogenous light with good depth.

Sterilizable Handle:
A unique Sterilizable Handle in the middle of Iamphead allows the surgeon himself to adjust the illuminated field and position the Iamphead more precisely and comfortably.

Low Voltage Supply Unit:
A special Low Voltage Unit which convert 220 V into 24 V.

Spring-balanced Lamphead can be moved anywhere with the touch of a finger yet remains exactly where desired without drift or sway. The Lamphead has a capability of 360° continuous rotation of roll axis and wide action radius-allow the lamp to be positioned correctly for every type of operation.

Lighthead 710 mm dia 7 bulbs
Light Intensity 125,000 Lux
Power Requirement 350 W
Action Radius 1,400 mm
Colour Temperature 4200° K
Average Life for Halogen Bulb 2,000 working Hrs.
Satellite Lighthead 500 mm dia 4 bulbs
Light Intensity 75,000 Lux
Power Requirement 200 W
Action Radius 1,200 mm
Colour Temperature 4200° K
Average Life for Halogen Bulb 2,000 working Hrs.

SCLH-7 + SCLH-4 Ceiling Halogen Lights – Multi-Reflector