SS-1100 (Bariatric)

Product Code: SS-1100 (Advance)

Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

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  • OT Table Five section RADIO – TRANSLUCENT Table Top
  • Operating Positions: Height Adjustment, Lateral Tilt, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg and Back Section should be precisely and moothly controlled by REMOTE SWITCH with feather touch controls through ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC SYSTEM
  • The remote is ergonomically designed to have an easy and better grip with spiral cable and have LED backlit screen with symbolic position  igures making it convenient to use even in the dark
  • Head & Foot Section are manually operated by the means of Ratchet System
  • Stainless steel Covered Base and Column Covers for easy cleaning & hygiene
  • Complete with Stainless steel side-rails, Clamps and Standard Accessories
  • From general purpose to bariatric surgery, the SS1100BR does it all!


L-shaped Anaesthetic Frame: 1 Pc.
Shoulder Support with Pad: 2 Pcs.
Arm Board 2 Pcs.
Lateral Support with pad: 2 Pcs.
Belt: 1 Pcs.
Foot Rest: 1 Pair.
Wrist Strap 2 Pcs.
Goepel type special Lithotomy
Crutches-padded with Straps
2 Pcs.


  • Ortho-Surgery
    - Orthopaedic Leg Traction Device
    - Hand Traction Device
    - Poplital support
    - Radiolucent Hand Operating Table
    - Hip Nailing Support
    - Tibia Support
    - Steinmein Pin Holding Clamp
  • For Miscellaneous
    - Water Proof Rubber Mattress
    - Radio-Transucent Table Top for Radiography
    - Cassette Holder with Carrier for A.P Radiography
    - Stainless Steel Lateral Cassette Holder
    - Stainless Steel Instrument Tray with frame hanger.
    - Stainless Steel Mayo’s Tray with frame hanger
    - Adjustable Arm support with cushion for Lateral position
    - Saline Drip Rod with clamp
  • For Neurosurgery
    - Neurosurgical Attachment for Prone/ Sitting position Head-Rest
    - 3 Pin Skull Clamp for Prone / Sitting Position
    - Sugita Head Clamp for Prone / Sitting Position
    - Spinal Bridge.
    - “M” Type Face Head Rest for Prone/ Sitting Position

  • Gynae / Urology Surgery
    - Stainless steel Transurethral Tray with sieve and drain hose
    - Stainless steel drainage tray with drain hose

Radiolucent table top Long lasting PU Pads

 Height Adjustment - Up & Down  Trendelenburg / Reverse Tredelenburg
Lateral Tilt Position  Jack Knife Position
Lithotomy Position  Reverse Jack Knife Position
Lithotomy Position  Reverse Jack Knife Position

SS-1100 (Bariatric)