Product Code: CIM-500

CI Series Shadowless Halogen Lights – Single Reflector

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  • Aerodynamic Lamphead hammered out by CAD for minimal disturbance of Laminar Flow in the Surgical area with integrated reflection optical system.
  • Each Lamphead fitted with Imported Halogen Bulb of 24V-150W with back-up bulb which automatically switches when the main bulb burnout. Indicators on joint arm indicates the operator to change the burnt bulb in time after surgical operation.
  • Imported advanced filter technology absorbs the radiated heat thus minimize the heat output. Heat flows through the upper part of outer shell of lamphead. Thus providing colour corrected and cold light in the operating area.
  • Imported special diffuser used to provide harmonized light and extremely scratch resistant.
  • Feather touch digital control on joint arm offers eight different level of light intensity.
  • Sterilizable handle provided in the center of lamphead for positioning and focusing.
  • Supplied with two seperate low voltage supply unit.

Intensity (LUX) 1,00,000 LUX
Colour Temperature (K) 4250
Diameter of Lighhead
Small Lightfield
Large Lightfield
500 mm
160 mm
Constant Lightfield Diameter 600 mm
Main Light Source -24 V 150 W
Halogen Bulb Life 600-1000 hrs.
Electrical Connection 220 V / 50 Hz
Action Radius N.A.

CIM-500 Shadowless Halogen Lights